Detailing a $1,000,000 Ferrari 288 GTO [VIDEO]

This is a great video about the awesome Larry at work on one of the very, very rare 288 GTOs. Only 279 were made (according to Wikipedia, 272), though a lot less are still in existence, and, as you can imagine, they are million dollar+ cars.

The video shows Larry working on some pretty bad wash damage, and the approach he takes when detailing a car that uses a variety of materials for its bodywork, from fiber glass to aluminum.



Ferrari Dino: 40 years between myth and legend

Ferrari Dino: 40 years between myth and legend

Ferrari Dino

Ferrari Dino is one of the most important car models created by the Ferrari company.

There have been rumours for some years now about a new Dino model, and even if CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo keeps on denying this possibility, the new Dino should show off its face before the end of this decade.

The following picture shows just an example of many possible projects considered by experts:

Many articles have been written about the new model, but to understand the significance of this car, we have to think back to its history in the past, and not only the 40 years since it was first produced.


New Ferrari Dino in The Works?

New Ferrari Dino in The Works?

Ferrari Dino CGI Speculation

Ferrari Deputy Managing Director Amedo Felisa and CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo have both denied plans for a new low-end model, but rumors continue to circulate from within the Italian automaker the a new car is most definitely in the works.

The car will reportedly arrive in 2009, and share a platform with the upcoming replacement to the Maserati GT coupe. Like the forthcoming Alfa Romeo 8C, the new Dino will make use of carbon fiber and aluminum to keep weight low. Power will come from a 400 horsepower V8, and annual volume is expected around 4,000 units.

Zagato will build a ‘new’ 250 GTZ – Meet the Zero

Zagato will build a ‘new’ 250 GTZ – Meet the Zero

Ferrari 250GTZ

Ferrari and Zagato’s relationship formed one of the most desirable ‘marriages’ in car design, the 250GT Zagato. Together, it was their most fruitful supercar and it’s almost ashame these were only ever made by customer requests for a few clients. As the ultimate combination, the GTZ allied the already proven Ferrari 250 Tour de France chassis with Zagato’s curvaceous low drag body. It practically guaranteed success.

For the Ferrari 250, Zagato used his lightweight, aeronautic techniques which he first adopted when founding his coach building company in 1919. This meant the lightweight and purposeful bodywork on the 250 GTZ not only looked incredible, it helped Camillo Luglio became the Italian sports car champion.

Zagato will now celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GTZ of 1956 with a new model, based on the 575 Maranello. The 250 GTZ was the inspiration for the new model, known as the “Zero”, and this is the reason why the historical 250 GTZ was on display at the Geneva Motor Show.

Zagato is a design house and coachbuilder from Italy. Like its ancestor, the 575 Zero will be made entirely in aluminium and, as a tribute to Ferrari and to two-seater Italian sports cars, it will become one of the most exclusive models of Zagato tradition. Like the 250 GTZ on show, it too will have two-tone paintwork, and stylistic features and lines that hark explicitly back to the 1950s, and will epitomise the personality of the many cars produced by Zagato to “dress” original engineering in the purest style of sporting tradition, with the collaboration of these two prestigious brands.

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