Detailing a $1,000,000 Ferrari 288 GTO [VIDEO]

This is a great video about the awesome Larry at work on one of the very, very rare 288 GTOs. Only 279 were made (according to Wikipedia, 272), though a lot less are still in existence, and, as you can imagine, they are million dollar+ cars.

The video shows Larry working on some pretty bad wash damage, and the approach he takes when detailing a car that uses a variety of materials for its bodywork, from fiber glass to aluminum.



The Most Expensive Car Crash in History

The Most Expensive Car Crash in History

Sunday morning eight Ferraris, three Mercedes and a Lamborghini were caught up in a 14-car pile-up on the Chugoku Expressway in southern Honshu, western Japan.

The cars were traveling at over 90mph, when one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle while trying to change lanes on the wet, slippery road. The trailing cars couldn’t avoid the vehicle, that went spinning after hitting the barrier.

Ten people (five men and five women) were taken to hospital, but no one was seriously injured.

This is probably the most expensive car crash in history, with a combined value of over $4 million.


New Record for the Ferrari 599xx at the Nürburgring [update: VIDEO]

New Record for the Ferrari 599xx at the Nürburgring [update: VIDEO]

Ferrari 599xx

The Ferrari 599XX is the first ever production-derived sports car to break the 7-minute barrier on the classic 20.832 km Nordschleife circuit, lapping in 6 min 58.16 sec.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it was announced in Beijing that the beastly 599xx has officially broken the 7 minute barrier!

The 599xx has seen the introduction of a few technological advancements, which will probably be ported over to the other Ferrari models in the future. Amongst them:

  1. The wheel doughnuts of F1 derivation which serve two purposes – to reduce turbulence and thus drag, and improve brake cooling.
  2. Ferrari’s High-Performance Dynamic Concept, a novel integrated design and chassis set-up that uses sophisticated electronics to govern the mechanical limits of the handling for maximum performance.
  3. The Actiflow™ System that increases downforce and/or cuts drag depending on the car’s trim during cornering.