Sunday Report: Disastrous Ferrari in Monaco!

Sunday Report: Disastrous Ferrari in Monaco!

The final result of the Monaco GP was not the one expected by the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro at the end of the saturday’s qualifying session.

The two red pilots were ready to lead the group in the starting grid of the race, but while Felipe Massa confirmed his good condition during the whole weekend, the world champion Kimi Raikkonen made a mistake after another.

The finnish pilot was overcame by Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race, and had later more problems than Massa in the central part of the competition, characterized by alternating rain and by many accidents, finishing 9th, that means without points, because of an unbelievable mistake that lead him to hit the car of Sutil, youngster who was in that moment dreaming of an unexpected 4th place.

At the same time, Massa kept on fighting against Hamilton, who won this historical GP for his first time, and Kubica, who finished second, confirming the great beginning of the season for the BMW team.

The inexperienced driver’s mistakes made by Raikkonen led the english pilot to the first place in the Drivers’ Championship, with Kimi as second and Felipe third; Massa was the one who partly saved the day for Ferrari, gaining six points that let the team to keep 16 points over McLaren-Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship, waiting for Montreàl GP in June.

Sunday Report: Massa and Raikkonen back on top!

Sunday Report: Massa and Raikkonen back on top!

Massa and Raikkonen on the Podium at the Bahrain circuit

Bahrain’s GP ended in the best possible way for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro: Felipe Massa won the race, for the first time this year and for the 6th in his career, and Kimi Raikkonen was second, going back on the top of the Drivers’ Championship.

It was an important day for the italian team for many more reasons, as that it was the 100th victory with Luca di Montezemolo as President of Ferrari. Moreover, the 18 points gained by the two pilots let the team reach the second position in the Teams Standing, just one point behind the remarkable BMW.

Anyway, what should be underlined as basic for the future of the Scuderia Ferrari during this season, is the different approach showed by both the pilots and the team, that permitted them to rule the race since the first until the last lap, a change of mentality from the previous weeks that lets us wait for the next races more confidently, as done by the protagonists of the victory:

“We are very happy about this wonderful one-two finish,” said team boss Stefano Domenicali. “After a bad start to the season, we have proved we know how to react with our actions, as usual. We worked well all weekend and the results therefore followed. Now we have to continue down this road, without allowing our absolute concentration to slip for a moment, because in a championship that looks like being very close, it takes almost nothing to lose precious points.”

Felipe Massa commented, “Sensational! Finally, after a start to the championship under dark clouds, I can see the sunshine again. We kept our concentration all weekend long and this is the result. We knew we could count on a great car and that certainly proved to be the case, given that I never had to push to the maximum once I was in the lead…….I always had in mind what happened in Malaysia and so I tried to pay attention all the time, to ensure I brought the car home.”